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  1. IRENE says:

    hello admin

    you haven’t been updating your videos like you use to before? is everything ok? please i’m huge fan of your website.
    or if there is a new website similar like this with high quality movie download that you own you can let me know so i can be visiting there too.


  2. SAYAN MONDAL says:


    • NBY says:

      I do upload new bollywood movies,just missed some in between bcz i was on break nd now i m not getting time to encode those movies..

  3. Help me, Moviezplanet. You're my only hope says:

    Can you please get that Suicide Squad movie through the extended or director’s cut in 1080p.
    WHY I ASK: I’m a massive Joker fanatic. I have collection of comics, Heath Leger toys, posters, animated movies—of him for days! And I was sooo let down when I saw that movie in theaters. I want to love this movie, hopefully you can help regain my sorrow from this 🙁 —> to this 🙂

    You got Light’s Out, Ghostbusters (2016), and Legend of Tarzan over here. Shit. If you can do that before the official Bluray release date…why not Suicide Squad?

    • NBY says:

      I vl post suicide squad as soon as I get the source… suicide squad might be available tomorrow in HD version… let’s see..

  4. Help me, Moviezplanet. You're my only hope says:

    And oh. If you’re reading this. I want you to know that I appreciate your help. Love your site BTW.

  5. christos1414 says:

    Please release Supernatural season 12 episodes 2, 3 … Thx!!

  6. Borsha says:

    Please upload Aashiqui 2 (2013) movie in 1080p BluRay

  7. iyra92 says:

    Could you please upload 1) Akron, 2) Kiss me, kill me, 3) The Kids Are All Right.

  8. nisarg tolia says:

    Please upload these movies in 720p bluray/brrip

    Force 2
    Kahaani 2
    The Ghazi Attack
    Jolly LLB 2

    All in 720p Bluray/Brrip.Thanks!!!!

    • NBY says:

      Force 2 720p BRRIP is already far as rest of movies are concerned ,BRRIP vl be posted as soon as source is out..however 720p dvdrip/hdrip of above movies are already posted..

  9. Nandaraj says:

    pls upload baar baar dekho…its available now on extratorrent 8gb please upload 1gb!

  10. nandaraj says:

    pls upload baar baar dekho not tv rip web hd rip

  11. j says:

    could not find a download link that worked

  12. Rushikesh Bodke says:

    have downloaded bahubali 2 in 2 parts from clickndownload link
    One part is playing but 2 part is not playing
    So what i do for playing hole movie in 1 part

    • NBY says:

      since its rar file ,u need to select both file at same time ,then right click ,then unrar using winrar software..its simple

  13. Tijlal says:

    Please upload Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on 720p….

  14. clark says:

    hello admin
    please upload Going in style,thank you very much.

  15. Vikram says:

    Could you please upload Meri Pyaari Bindu anytime soon?

    bdw I love ur website.

  16. rahul says:

    not able to download movies since last 2-3 days as there are no links for torrent files.pls reverse it as it was earlier

  17. Vikram says:

    Please upload Baywatch soon.
    I’m eagerly waiting for it.

  18. Michael says:

    I would really appreciate it if u please add “userscloud” to your links, please admin

  19. moviefan says:

    Hi NBY,
    first I have to say that your encodes are of a very good quality for the size. I’ve noticed also that your encodes are not very frequent. Do you plan to encode also older movies in the future (at least good ones or/and well known movies)?

  20. moviefan says:

    Hi NBY,
    will you do older movies in the futer also?
    Best regards!

  21. moviefan says:

    Thank you for your reply, I hope you will find the time soon, or someone who can help you by encoding.

    Best regards!

  22. srivatsan says:

    @NBY can u upload jigarthanda in 720p x265??

    Source Link:

  23. asad says:

    HELLO Admin, you haven’t been updating your videos like you use to before? is everything ok? please i’m huge fan of your website.
    or if there is a new website similar like this with high quality movie download that you own you can let me know so i can be visiting there too.

    • AIDI KHALID says:

      please please why ther no movies in this moment did you stop please tell us because every day i come here and i dont found anything thank you…. fro france

  24. Ghost says:

    Hello Admin,

    I hope you find the time soon enough to encode and upload new movies, just realized that this is the only website that keeps me updated with movies and easy for download too. currently i’m outdated now on movies. and i don’t know of any good site to download from.

    Best regards!

  25. Asad says:

    Hey Admin,

    I want to thank you for all your awesome encodes and hard work.I am eagerly waiting for your new encodes as you were my only source for movies.Hope you’re well.

    Your well Wisher.

  26. Asad says:

    Hey NBY,

    If you need my help encoding movies i can help you just tell me but please start encoding again.Thanks

    A well wisher.

  27. Swapper says:

    Hello Admin

    M a big fan of this site. Thanks for providing all the movies. Please continue to provide the latest movies. I see that you have shared the latest 3 movies after months, Was there any problem ?
    Also need to know in case this site doesn’t provide the updates, is there any alternative site where you provide your updates.
    Please keep up with this awesome site.

    Thanks a ton

  28. Swapper says:

    Hi Admin

    Please encode some good hindi movies as well .. waiting eagerly.

    Thanks in Advance

  29. Shadow says:

    Not able to download properly . Usually I used to download from torrent but I loved your site and I was fond of using it. Untill the torrent download links has disappeared it has been a complete mess . Downloading from That Another link is very irritating. It doesn’t only shows As but some ads are really inappropriate Hope you will Understand.

  30. Swap_guy says:

    Hi Admin

    Please re-post the AMERICAN MADE links again. as the posted link is not working.

  31. Madmax says:

    Admin Please do HEVC Movie encode. Eagerly waiting for it.

  32. Asad says:

    Hi Bro. Bro plz upload Justice League movie. Thanks in advance.

  33. I.Auladin says:

    How come no more uploads since January 10 ?

  34. Rushikesh Bodke says:

    Hey add padmavat. I am seeing your website daily for the Bollywood movie.

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